Trauma Therapy Certification: Is This Career Right For You?

If you want to work in the medical field but can't find a career that's challenging and rewarding enough for you, consider becoming a trauma therapist. Trauma therapists help people and their loved ones get through current and past traumatic experiences. Once certified, trauma therapists can work in many different areas of the medical field, including out-patient mental health clinics. Learn more about trauma therapists and how you can become a therapist below.

What Are Trauma Therapists?

Trauma therapists are medical professionals who receive extensive training in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, addresses the emotional, mental, and physical problems individuals experience during and after a traumatic event. People who experience traumatic events tend to hold onto their pain for long periods of time. Trauma therapists help trauma victims learn to cope with their pain over time.

Trauma therapists learn how to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other symptoms caused by traumatic events. Trauma therapists must also learn various critical thinking skills during school. Critical thinking skills allow you to come up with a treatment plan that reassures and calms trauma patients without overwhelming them.

If you think you'd like to embark on a career as a trauma therapist, speak to a continuing education provider soon.

How Do You Become a Trauma Therapist?

A continuing education provider can help you obtain the certification you need to become a trauma therapist. A provider may need several things from you before you can sign up for school, including a high school diploma or GED. If you have a previous work history in the medical field, submit this information to a school as well. The information can help a school plan the courses you will need to take.

Your program completion time may also depend on the type of trauma therapy certificate program you take in school. For instance, advanced certification programs, such as trauma-focus counseling and trauma-informed counseling, can take a number of years to complete. If you have concerns about your program completion time, speak to a school counselor right away. A counselor can help you choose a career path that doesn't require you to spend a significant amount of time in school.

After you complete your chosen program, you'll receive a certificate. You can use your certificate to continue your education in the field or to find employment.

Learn more about trauma therapy and how to become certified in the field by an adult and continuing education school like ITR Training Institute.

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